Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove – Tips and Tricks

You certainly would have heard about Vastu for Kitchen direction but do you also know that even all the equipment and components of a kitchen must be placed as per Vastu guideline. Designing the kitchen as per Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove will increase positive energy. Every component of the Kitchen has a fixed place so that the person using Kitchen can easily use everything.

Vastu for Kitchen Sink

According to Vastu tips for Kitchen, Sink must be located in North East corner of the kitchen. This is because of the fact that any water-related works must be carried out in this corner. You must also place any utensil like Mataka, Chari, Water Bucket or water storage unit in this corner only. If you are also having your gas stove on the same counter as Kitchen Sink – Consider bisecting the kitchen top. You can do so by providing a gap in the counter.

Vastu for Kitchen Stove

A stove is a source of heat (Agni) and essential component of a Kitchen. This is also why Kitchen is placed in Agni Kon (South East direction) as per vastu tips for Kitchen. Considering Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove – Both the items are of opposite nature. Water and Fire. Thus, preferably Stove and Sink shall not be placed on the same counter. Or at least provide a gap in the counter by dividing it.

Vastu advises us to keep the Gas burner on East Wall. Any person using the gas stove will also face East. If East is not possible, keep it on South Wall. Any electric items viz. refrigerator, microwave, grinder must be placed on South wall.

Other Tips for Kitchen Vastu:

There are many more other vastu tips for kitchen. Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove is just a topic to start with. You can E-mail or WhatsApp us the layout of your kitchen – we will provide you with detailed Vastu analysis, dosh and solution for vastu problem if any.

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