These Bedroom Lighting Ideas will Amaze you

Coming up in Bedroom Lighting tips – We have brought to you completely fresh ideas and concepts which will enhance your bedroom beauty. A bedroom is a place for rest and comfort, these bedroom lighting ideas will take your comfort to a whole new level. Lighting is as essential component of a room as ventilation. Proper bedroom light fixtures will improve the quality of light.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas – Ceiling Light

You can use ceiling light if you do not have any other construction above your bedroom. This bedroom idea for lighting is very uncommon and might be unique in your friend-circle. While using light from the ceiling – make sure that the glass fixed in the opening is a bit above from roof surface so that any dust or rainwater could be diverted to roof. Use textured glass for ceiling windows in the bedroom. This will diffuse the light and will not make the light too sharp for your eyes.

Bedroom lighting ideas using ceiling light in bedroom

North Light for Bedroom lighting

Using North Light in your Bedroom will make it a lot comfortable for your body. If your lifestyle supports getting up late in the morning, North Light will suit you to the best. Importance of north light could be understood by reading our following post:

Due to diffused and glare-free light natural light from North direction, you can rest till late in morning – Not worrying about sunlight making you wake up.

Provide Multiple Windows for ambient lighting in Bedroom

While talking about bedroom lighting ideas – We strongly recommend you to use more than one window in your bedroom. According to vastu tips for bedroom, you shall always have ambient lighting in your bedroom. Multiple windows will provide soothing light. Also, try to keep your windows away from the bed. Vastu strictly prohibits any opening near your head while sleeping.

bedroom lighting ideas with vastu tips for bedroom

Large Windows will provide sufficient Daylight

Make sure your bedroom is enriched with sufficient amount of daylight. Artificial Bedroom lighting ideas will make your room a better place but natural lighting will make it best. Natural light does also keep your interiors free from smell and insects. Providing large windows will help you create a connection between exteriors and interiors. Consider placing some plants just outside the window to give it an appealing look.

lighting ideas in bedroom according to bedroom vastu

For more information, tips and vastu guideline about bedrooms or other spaces- Feel free to explore our website. You can also read about keeping clean interior by clicking on this LINK. Do not forget to mention your favorite bedroom lighting ideas in the comment section.

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