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Knowledge is power – It truly is. A study table is no less than a power source. Now, it depends upon you how well do you handle this power source to energize you. Today – In our section of Vastu Tips – We have brought you the Study Table Vastu Tips guide. This article is made as simple as it could be done. Following are few vastu guideline tips for study table which will improve your learning capability. Try and see by yourself:

Study Table Vastu Tips Guide by Top Vastu Consultants in India

  1. Before placing a study table, you must choose the perfect location for the study room. According to study room vastu, you must locate this room in North East corner.
  2. North and East are treated as positive energy directions in Vastu theories. This is why the areas related to study and worship are placed and faced in these directions.
  3. Study Table Vastu Tips Guide suggest you use a study table which is either a square or a rectangle. While using a rectangular study table for vastu friendly study – Make sure the sides are less or equal to 1:2 proportion.
  4. The wood used for carving a study table must be of high quality. It must not have sharp edges. The table must be in good shape.
study table vastu tips from top vastu consultants in india
study table vastu tips from top vastu consultants in india

In-Depth vastu tips for success in studies

  1. Always keep the study table clean and stain free. Don’t keep books irrelated to ongoing study topic on the table.
  2. Vastu recommends you to keep the table a few inches away from the wall. This will help your kid be more experimental and open to learning.
  3. Windows are any light source must be either in front of the person studying or on the left-hand side wall. Study table vastu tips suggest light from the front, Therefore, light shall not come from behind.
  4. Provide window or tube light on the right-hand side wall if the student is left-handed.
  5. Height is an important factor of the study table. Top Vastu Consultants in India recommend – The height of the study table must be just above the navel of the student after he/she sits on the study chair.

Make sure you follow study table vastu tips provided by us for vastu tips for success in studies. Feel free to explore our website for more tips. To know more about Best Vastu Consultants in India – Click HERE.

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