Machine room less Lift for space saving

Lifts have been a sign of luxury and time-saving facility since its innovation. Similarly, Machine room and lift pit for a lift –┬áhas always been seen as an essential component for Lift construction in a building. Here is a good news. New hydraulic lifts do not require such spaces. You can now have a machine room less lift in your residence or office building in a matter of hours.

Yes, New hydraulic lifts are quickly replacing old mechanical lifts these days. The replacement rate is higher in residences and bungalows.

Why Machine Room Less Lift?

Earlier when mechanical lifts were in fashion – They needed a machine room at the top of the lift, a lift pit at the bottom and additional power supply unit. Mechanical lifts do also require heavy civil work with R.C.C. Column structure. Whereas, Hydraulic lifts do not require any special civil work, machine room and lift pit. You can easily install these at any available given space. All you will have to provide a machine room less lift is a small area of around 2’X3′ to place its electrical control unit. You can place this unit on any floor near lift shaft as per your convenience.

Disadvantages of Lift without Machine Room

Everything got its plus sides as well as minus. So is with hydraulic elevators. You can not term these as beasts. The reason behind this is that these elevators usually run on low electricity and are not as powerful as mechanical lifts. Thus, lift without machine room (machine room less lift) does not carry high loads. Usually, these are designed to carry weight up to 500kgs.

Hence, Hydraulic lifts are generally used in duplex, small bungalows, residences, small commercial projects or other buildings where a maximum of 8 people will use the lift at a time.

Being lightweight and easy to install, you have more design options with a lift without lift pit. You can also use glass on all the walls of these lifts.

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