Importance of North Light in a building

In architectural terms, North Light is sunlight entering in a building from North direction. Now – because the sun rises from east and sets in West while travelling from a high or low South altitude – You can never get direct Sunlight from North – Hence North Light is always diffused sunlight. This is what increases the importance of North Light in any building. The fact that the light entering in your building from North will always be diffused, it will save you from intense sunlight, ultraviolet rays and glare.

What is North Light

As we mentioned earlier in the welcome paragraph of this post, North Light is sunlight entering a building from North side of the building. Because of the fact that Sun never comes to North, North Light is always diffused or indirect sunlight. Thus, it will not create glare. Indirect sunlight is pleasant for eyes and provides a good reading environment. North Light will provide you shadow free interiors. It will also save you from possible Ultraviolet rays in sunlight – provided you do not have sunlight incoming from any other direction.

Tips for North Light use in buildings

Following are few handy tips on the importance of North Light. These points are advised by top Architects and construction engineers in India.

  1. North Light means incoming natural light from North direction. Thus, try to avoid opening in any other direction.
  2. If your design is not allowing you an opening in perfect North – provide one or more opening(s) in North East side.
  3. Vastu tips suggest North Light is most efficient for works including high concentration and education. For example – reading, jewelry work, study, Food preparation etc.
  4. If you are providing only North Light in a closed area or room – Make sure the amount of openings are enough big to lit up your space.
  5. As a thumb rule, provide at least 15% of floor area as openings in North direction.
  6. Consult an architect for the detailed solution of your space.
  7. You can provide 100% ventilation through North Light in areas like factories or tin sheds. This can be done by placing North Light fixtures in your ceiling.

Creating Proper Ambience using light

Light is a very important and crucial feature of any space. It is impossible to see without light and we as humans are very dependent on our eye sight. Hence, one should always provide a good amount of lighting. Natural light is best for human eyes. Also, keep in mind to keep your space glare free and provide multiple light sources at a time. Multiple lighting sources will cancel out shadows from one source to another and hence will provide a shadow free environment. If you want to give a single light source for shadow-free interiors – I think you are already known to the importance of North light.

What if I don’t have North Light

Well, North Light is not the only source of diffused light in your building. There are few other options that you can pick from. For a starter, you can position the windows as per the time of use of that particular room. For example, if it is a school classroom, probably students will only be in the classroom in morning hours. Thus, you can provide openings on South or West wall. These walls will let enter direct sunlight only in after hours of the day.

We recommend you to consult an Architect before finalizing your drawing for any architectural or Vastu flaw in your design. Simply drop post a comment down here or in the discussion section and our experts will get back to you with the most suitable solution.

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