House Plan with big Windows – Must know guide

Every person wishes for a house that looks elegant. House plan with big windows provides you with brighter interiors, therefore, highlighting different components. While choosing for big windows for your residence, you must consider few important points. These notes are advised by expert architects and top vastu consultants India for a house plan with large windows.

First of all, you must finalize what sort of window do you require. In big size windows – You have many options – French windows, Bay windows, Arch Windows, convertible windows etc. This decision needs to be made depending upon the use of that opening in your home.

House Plan with big windows – Window type

If you are willing to sit by your window and enjoy the scenery outside Рwe suggest you have a bay window. Bay windows are usually a window with a sitting designed in the wall. This sitting shall be a civil construction work. You can enjoy the mountain view or lake view РBetter if you also put a mattress on that part. Such house plans will require more space aligned with the wall as the wall needs to be made thicker. You can also achieve this sitting by providing a projected window.

house plan with bay window
girl sitting in a house plan with bay window

Other windows that you can pick for big size are French Windows and complete open windows. French windows usually go with European architecture style elevations. Modern or contemporary looking buildings are better with large openings. These house plan with big windows shall be designed with aluminum window frame or upvc.

modern contemporary house plan with big windows
modern contemporary house plan with big windows

Area wise big window application in a house plan

The choice of a window does also depend upon the area that it will serve. Architects at VaastuShubh Designs gave us few tips for the same. The living room is a perfect place to set up large size windows. House plan with big windows usually has big windows in the living room or drawing area only. Sometimes you can also use them in the bedroom. This gives your residence a simple yet elegant elevation. Small rooms or cottages usually do not have big windows rather must have multiple windows as per vastu tips.

If possible, keep such big windows in your house plan on the northern wall. Click here to know more about the importance of north light in a building.

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