Detailed Vastu for Pooja Room: Tips and Tricks

According to Hindu mythology, Pooja Room is the most auspicious and sacred location in a house. It is also the source of most powerful positive energy. On the other hand, negligence of space and Vastu for Pooja Room could also turn it into a negative energy space – One that you surely do not wish for.

Well, following the perfect tips for Pooja Room Vastu is not hard at all. All you need to do is know and practice a few Vastu Shastra guidelines for most auspicious and sacred location of your house. We are listing here Vastu tips for Pooja Room which you can follow and create your home a better space to live in. In case of any confusions or more detailed information – you can reach us on our mail id or mobile number or WhatsApp whenever you want. Our Vastu specialists will help in the perfect setting of Vastu for Pooja Room in your space.

Pooja Room Vastu Tips:

  1. Try to place the puja room in North East corner of your plot. The entrance to this room must be from West or South side of the room.
  2. In case, you fail to position pooja room in North East Corner, do it in East or West segment of your land. Do not locate it anywhere else.
  3. According to Vastu Shastra for pooja room, one must essentially locate it on the ground floor.
  4. Positioning most auspicious and sacred space of your land in the basement or upper floors is not advised.
  5. Prayer Room should be close to the entrance of your home and preferably be an open space.
  6. One must ensure enough natural light and proper ventilation as per Pooja Room Vastu tips.
  7. Your Vastu Consultant will advise you to keep windows or ventilators for pooja room on East or North wall, do as he/ she said.
  8. Make sure that all the idols and text scripts in your pooja room are unharmed.
  9. Try to pick light colors for paint, tiles or curtain in a pooja room. As per vastu for pooja room tips – You can use colors like White, light yellow or light orange (kesariya rang).
  10. Never use your store as a Pooja Room, this is not considered auspicious as per Vastu Shastra rules. You can use bedroom of North East corner in extreme case. If you do so – Make sure the person who sleeps or rests in this room does not keep his feet towards the pooja block.
  11. Instead of tiles, use marble or any other stone in pooja room flooring. Cold nature stones are most suited for this space as it will absorve negative energy of your house.
  12. Never ever position the pooja room in South direction of your property in any case.
  13. The prayer room must have walls, doors or curtains in all directions. So that you can create a closed space for God idols to relax during rest hours.
  14. If you are planning to construct a new house, contact us for assistance regarding best possible pooja room design as per vastu Shastra.
  15. Try to keep any negative energy source out of pooja room. This includes posters of violence, broomsticks, dust collectors, weapons etc.
  16. Do not sleep in your pooja room.

These are basic guidelines for constructing an auspicious and sacred pooja room in your house. As an architect, we advise you to position puja room near to entrance so that even visitors can easily approach this space when you hold events like Jagarata at your place. There are a few more Pooja room Vastu tips – which are circumstantial. You can send us the plan of your residence to get a detailed Vastu Shastra report.

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