4 Tricks for Dust-Free Interiors

Dust is a tricky matter to handle. Especially when it comes to Indian homes. Indian climate is mostly pollution free but the sand in surrounding air makes it extremely hard to keep Dust-free Interiors. Well, it is only till you use some brain and apply some smart tricks to solve your problem. Caution: Dust could be dangerous to people with a problem regarding lungs, breathing, Aesthema or Allergy.

To help you with this, here are 5 simple and DIY tricks which will help you prevent dust from entering your home:

1 – Use glass instead of Wood

There are many components of a building which could be constructed using plain glass instead of carved wood. Both the materials provide rich and attractive look but wood having textured and curved surface provides landing for dust. On the other hand, Glass is much more smooth and clear. Thus, it is more likely to keep Dust-free Interiors with the use of Glass rather than using Wood finishes.

2 – Keep the corners clean

Areas like under beds, table legs, room corners are usually not covered by simple brooming or vacuum cleaning. Dust and other dirty fibers accumulate in these corners and create dusty spots. Thus, in addition to regular cleaning – Make sure to clean corner areas at least once every couple of weeks.

3 – No Shoes = Dust-Free Interiors

Shoes and other footwear in your residence are a major cause of dust in interiors. According to a research, they are the top second reason for dust in a building after unprotected openings. So if you wish to prevent dust from entering your home, start with strictly following “No shoe” rule in your house.

4 – Place a Water Fountain

Waterbodies like a small pond, water tub or a water fountain are best natural air purifiers when it comes about keeping Dust-Free Interiors. Plants are also good in cleaning air quality but they do not clean the dust floating in the air – Whereas, Water will collect the dust in the environment and you can clean that water body on certain intervals.


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